Heather Dillman

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Heather Dillman

Computer Lab
I am a computer teacher at the elementary school.  In the computer lab, I teach grades third through sixth.  The students conduct simulations through an online program called learning.com.  In this program the students learn about the computer and the various programs available on the computer.  The students also have the opportunity to work on stmath.com.  Through collaboration with the teachers the students can also work on a multitude of projects throughout the year including power points, reports, brochures and many others.

Reading Intervention
I am also a reading intervention teacher for grades fourth through sixth.  During reading intervention, I work with small groups of students.  The students receive lessons in phonemic awareness, decodable words, sight words, guided spelling, and oral reading fluency.  The students have reading homework every night.  This year's theme for reading intervention is "Rocking Readers."   

Grade Policy
The students receive a grade for their performance in the computer lab.  The students work on assigned activities on learning.com.  The students must earn a grade of 70% in order to continue onto the next activity.  If you would like to check your child's grades just click the following link.

Computer Award
Each month at our perfect attendance assembly I honor one class that has done an outstanding job in the computer lab.  In order to receive this award, a class needs to be on task quietly and follow all procedures and rules for the entire month.  This month I would like to congratulate Mrs. Douglas' class for their outstanding effort in the computer lab!  
Past Winners
August-Mrs. Haught
September- Mrs. Douglas