Melody Hillman

Hello My Name Is...
Melody Hillman


Room: A315 
Phone: 928-485-2433 ext. 5315
Hours to Visit: 
Mon-Fri 7:15-7:45 AM 3:00-3:30 PM 
Prep Hours: M-T; 11:10-12:00
Feel free to stop by and see what your student is doing. If you  need to discuss your student, please call and set up an appointment.

I am looking forward to another year in 5th grade!!!  Last year, a majority of your students made growth, in one or more subjects. I'm  so proud of each and every one of them.  That goes for all the students, staff, and parents that helped make our school successful! WAY TO GO APACHES!!!!

This year is going to be just as successful.  We are teaching our Arizona College and  Career Standards, so expect to see new things coming home.   We will continue with our Home Studies homework, which includes,  Reading, Reading Comprehension/Fluency, and Math.  Parents/Guardians are still responsible for signing their booklets, and students are expected to return them daily for review.

To keep with Arizona's Healthy Child policy, we will continue with the Running Program. The students get credit for every lap they walk/run and then are given a reward at our Positive Action Assembly.  

I believe that all children can learn through effective instruction and support to help them reach their greatest potential.

Let's travel around the a good book!
We'll "Shoot for the Stars" as we learn about the Solar System.